Buying Real Estate Using a Realty Stars eStar Agent


What is this all about?  Read below to find out quick answers to your questions.  If you have more questions, contact us.


Who Should Use an Exclusive eStar Agent?


If you are tech savy and are used to researching and buying products on the internet you are a potential eStar Agent Client.


If you are familiar with looking up properties on the internet with Trulia,, Google, Zillow, or any other internet Real Estate website, you can save thousands of dollars using an eStar Agent.


What are the benefits of using and Exclusive eStar Agent?


Your exclusive eStar Agent will work for you at no cost to you.

You will receive rebates towards the purchase and financing of your home of up to 3% of the purchase price.  This is your money to use any way you like.


How does it work?


Once you sign up you will be assigned an Exclusive Buyer's Agent to assist you in purchasing a home or investment property currently listed for sale.  Your Agent will typically be paid by the seller.  There is no cost to you for homes listed for sale in Tulare County or Fresno MLS.


A traditional buyer's agent is paid from 2% to 3.5% of the ultimate purchase price of the property you purchase. Your eStar Agent will rebate to you any commision paid in excess fo 1.5% of the purchase price.  In addition, if you choose to work with a cooperating E-Star Lender, the lender will waive the 1% loan origination fee.


On a $250,000 purchase, if the E-Star Agent is paid 3% by the seller and you choose to work witha  cooperating E-Star Lender, you would receive $3,750.00 (1.5%) in commission rebate from your agent and $2,250.00 in savings on your loan (based on 1% of a $225,000.00 loan).  This means you have saved $6,000.00 compared to working with a traditional real estate agent.


What does a Buyer have to do to get these savings?


A Buyer has to agree to research property listings, neighborhoods and properties they are interested in on the internet.  The eStar Agent will set appointments to meet the buyer at a maximum of four properties per month. (Unless the Buyer is purchasing more than one property).  The eStar Agent will write and present to the sellers an unlimited number of electronic offers.


The Buyer must be capable of signing electronic documents.


The Buyer must be pre-qualified by a trusted lender.  We have a participating internet lender!


The eStar Agent will be available to explain all contracts, documents, escrow instructions, property reports and details fo the transaction throughout the transaction.  The eStar Agent will handle all negotiations with the Seller and Sellers agent of the property or properties the Buyer selects.


The eStar Agent will review the purchase contract with the Buyer prior to writing an offer to make certain that the Buyer understands what the contract obligates the Buyer and the seller in the transaction to do.


The Buyer will work with the eStar Agent to complete a check list of the items needed to write a purchase contract prior to writing any offer or viewing any property for sale.

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